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About Us

Prometheus Science is a young company and one of the first to provide consulting and services around open source hardware. With the simple goal to provide a one-stop shop for all research equipment needs while adhering to the best open source practices. Providing high quality services and solutions being trusted by world renowned research institutions, start-ups and individuals. We take pride in being active members and allies of the open source hardware community.

Our Values

At Prometheus, we care about good research, affordable, open customisable tools, and doing things right.

We believe in supporting the communities that make Open Science and Open Source Hardware what it is today. This is why part of our profits will be reverted back to the original developers of the open tools replicated in the form of a donation.

We believe it is important to recognize previous work and incentivise developers to keep improving their current tools. Whenever Prometheus Science services are provided using only things developed internally, part of the profits will be donated to an NGO of choice.

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